Be a person who knows how to be grateful.
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Gratitude is a virtue, an attitude, a belief, a feeling, and a mission of life. The reason why German industrial products become "excellent" in the world is derived from Germans' rigorous work style and loyal working attitude, which stems from their sense of gratitude for their professional sanctity. The development and prosperity of an enterprise depends on the high execution, loyalty and sincere gratitude of every employee.

Thackeray, the British writer, said that life is a mirror, and you laugh at him, and you cry as you cry. Why not let us sow the seeds of hope? A person who knows how to be grateful can achieve the height of his life and career. Don't just think that employees' gratitude is very important to the business. In fact, the employees' loyalty to the enterprise is not only the enterprise, but the biggest beneficiary is the employees themselves. Because, once an occupation of the sense of responsibility and loyalty to the cause of the form, can let you become a trustworthy person, can be entrusted with the responsibility of the people. For us, gratitude is the first thing to do with the business. If an enterprise is a ship, then one of our hands is a paddle. Only if we extend our hands together and make thousands of paddles work together, can our ship cut the waves and march forward bravely.

Tonghua group in material and spirit gave us a lot of satisfaction, as a member of the enterprise, only the dedication to life wisdom and energy to the enterprise, the enterprise can repay.

China has a profound cultural tradition of Thanksgiving, from "dripping grace, Yongquan" to "we, Xie Enze deeply nourish generations of the Chinese people. Enterprises are the homes for us to live happily. Every one of us is dedicated to youth and wisdom for enterprises. At the same time, enterprises are also providing us with space for development and platform for self realization. On this platform, we are increasing our experience, enriching ourselves and realizing the value of life. On this platform, we ignite our ideals with passion and dominate our lives with salary. Therefore, we should be grateful to the enterprise, thanks to the enterprise to cultivate us, the gratitude enterprise let us grow, Thanksgiving enterprise gave us a display of the world of self. With the feeling of gratitude to the concrete actions of loyal enterprises, we should wait for the state of mind to wait for the enterprise we live on. Therefore, gratitude has to be responsible. Gratitude is an attitude of life, a kind of wisdom, and the foundation of an employee's loyal enterprise. A grateful staff, will be persistent and selfless, love and kindness, dedication and loyalty, a sense of responsibility and a sense of mission. A grateful employee will be grateful to the enterprise into the actual action of hard work, hard study and dedication to the society. A grateful employee will care for others, care for the enterprise, pay attention to the social development, be responsible for the interests of the enterprise, and work together with the enterprise. Tonghua group gives us all gratitude and forge ahead of the source, we have what reason not to sincere feelings to return on Thanksgiving?

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